• Cervical Misalignment (Neck Pain)
    The cervical vertebrae (neck) is composed of vertebrae which begin in the upper torso and end at the base of the skull. The vertebrae, ligaments and neck muscles provide spinal stability, support and motion. The neck provides a significant amount of motion to the head and supports the weight of the head. However, because it is less protected than the rest of the spine, it can be susceptible to injury that will then restrict motion and/or produce pain.

    Causes of Neck pain are due to:
    soft tissue abnormalities due to injury or wear and tear
    injury direct to the neck from an accident/fall/etc.
    repetitive injury from computer work or repetitive activity
    degenerative and inflammatory diseases, or congenital abnormalities of the vertebrae
    In rare cases, infection or tumors may cause neck pain

    Traditional medical treatment does not address the first four of the above categories well. Traditional treatments are passive, often treated with prescription medication for pain and treatments of physical therapy.  This is done with hopes the vertebra will come into alignment without direct manipulation.

    Chiropractic treatment properly serves the first four of the above categories. The exact treated is based on the specifics of the diagnosis. Most are treated with spinal manipulation, physical therapy, traction/support and massage, all of which focus on the direct cause of the pain – vertebrae misalignment.

    Mid-Back Misalignment (Mid-Back Pain)
    Mid-Back vertebra or rib misalignment is normally associated by pain in the mid-back, and sometimes into the chest. The pain may be dull or sharp depending on the severity of the misalignment.  The pain may also radiate from the breastbone to the side of the rib cage.

    Ribs can subluxate similar to the vertebrae in your spine. Ribs attach by way of cartilage to the breast bone in the front of the body, and to the spine in the back of the body.  The spine and ribs are a joint similar to any other place were two bones of the body meet. Most subluxated joints in the body are treatable by a chiropractor. Ribs and mid-back vertebrae often sublux for a number of reasons; over-exertion, a fall, or an accident.

    Traditional medical treatment for mid-back pain focus on the symptom of pain.  If the problem is sever enough surgery may  be an option.  Chiropractic focuses on the problem of the subluxated (or “fixed) joints with treatments of adjustment,  massage, ultra-sound, heat/cold therapy and others.