• Joint Pain
    Joint pain is caused when a layer of lubrication and cushion between two bones is reduced or damaged. A joint works like a shock absorber with cartilage and synovial fluid. When this cushion is damaged movements can become painful. Joint pain may result from any number of reasons:

    Repetitive Injury
    tennis elbow
    runner’s knee
    frozen shoulder
    carpal tunnel syndrome
    or other repetitive motion injury

    Instant Injury or Poor Habits
    improper sitting or sleeping

    Traditional medical approach is to splint to reduce joint movement, pain medication and muscle relaxant prescription, steroid injections, physical therapy or surgery. When there has been serious tendon and/or cartilage tears (knees, shoulders) surgery may be needed.   Short of these type of tears the medical approach is passive and physical therapy may be more damaging if the joints have not been properly aligned.

    By contrast chiropractic treatment focuses on restoring the normal range of motion and proper function of the joint.  Adjusting the joint and improving joint motion helps to restore normal circulation, and reduces inflammation. Restored joint motion helps to reduce scar tissue and the overall healing process.