• Welcome to Tune-Ups Chiropractic

      I would personally like to welcome you to Tune-Ups Chiropractic. We are a small Chiropractic practice here in Morgan Hill and you can count our entire team on one hand. My goal is simply to have that small town type of family practice with the care and service that is reminiscent of years ago and yet, still provide the most cutting edge and relevant health care available today. We are not trying to get any bigger or faster, only better.

      Yours in health,


      Jeffery E. Awender D.C.

      (Morgan Hill Chiropractor)

    • Common condidions we treat

      Below you will find many of the most common conditions that we treat. This is by no means a complete list so if you have a condition that is not listed below, feel free to contact us if you would like to know about other conditions or if you condition my be helped with chiropractic care.


    • Neck pain symptoms can vary widely. The pain may just be a mild nuisance, or it could be so excruciating that a person avoids any excessive movement.


    • Headache is pain in any region of the head. Headaches may occur on one or both sides of the head, be isolated to a certain location, radiate across the head from one point, or have a viselike quality.

      A headache may appear as a sharp pain, a throbbing sensation or a dull ache. Headaches can develop gradually or suddenly, and may last from less than an hour to several days.

    • If you have lower back pain, you are not alone. About 80 percent of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lifetimes. It is the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed work days. In a large survey, more than a quarter of adults reported experiencing low back pain during the past 3 months.

    • Most car accidents are minor fender benders and don't cause physical injury, but car accident-related injuries can range from a minor bruise to paralysis

    • The term sciatica describes the symptoms of leg pain—and possibly tingling, numbness, or weakness—that originate in the lower back and travel through the buttock and down the large sciatic nerve in the back of each leg.

    • There are many terms used to describe spinal disc pathology and associated pain, such as "herniated disc," "pinched nerve," and "bulging disc," and all are used differently and, at times, interchangeably.

    • There are good reasons why the athlete should seek a sports chiropractor for the treatment and rehabilitation of a sports injury. Active people are physically and emotionally different from sedentary ones. Most physicians have not had special training in sports medicine or rehabilitation.

    • Numbness and tingling are unusual prickling sensations that can happen in any part of your body.